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Evian One – The Boat of the Future

Evian One – The Boat of the Future

We attended, like many lucky ones, the inauguration and baptism of a new boat “from elsewhere”.

This Thursday, June 7, in the port of Evian-les-Bains, on Red Square, the meeting was held.
Suddenly appearing in the distance, a device at first unidentified, comes to approach and accosted before the astonished gaze of the guests and his godmother and adventurer Peggy Bouchet, who is no longer presented (the first woman in the world to open the road to Atlantic rowing and solo).
After the official presentations and speeches of the guests, it is time to take action. Starting with a successful, energetic and fast baptism on the part of the godmother, followed by a demonstration of navigation and speed on the waters of Lake Geneva.

Speech at the inauguration

Peggy Bouchet christening the Evian One

On serait en droit de se poser des questions de type :

ed to ask questions such as:
Is it a space shuttle that would have landed on Lake Geneva or a Formula 1 car that would have finished its run in the lake?
The answer is no: this unidentified object is called Evian One, a catamaran unique in the world.
Designed by the design firm A2V, located in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), this futuristic boat is commissioned by the company Pro Yachting Shuttle headed by Mr Philippe Seguret under the responsibility of its project manager Jean Hervé Paulin.
The Evian One is available to theEvian Resort, which takes care of all passengers wishing to get quickly from Port-Gitana, where they have been transported from their arrival at Geneva Airport (CH), to the hotels of Evian-les-Bains in France.
Capable at cruising speed of 50 knots, to pass at 60 knots at top speed. This journey, which could sometimes seem endless by car (with traffic and distance) and quite long with a standard boat, is reduced considerably to 40 minutes now, a record!

Laurent Chrétien – Evian One runner-up

We had the chance to meet Laurent Chrétien, second-in-command on board the Evian One, who kindly gave us some information.

  • This catamaran of the future is powered by a surface propeller and 2 330 hp turbo D V8 engines (from the Yanmar brand).
  • It sails on the principle of “passive aerodynamic sustenance” which considerably lightens the boat.
  • With an aircraft wing-shaped cockpit, the Evian One is reduced by 30 of its weight on its travels, allowing it to consume at 50 knots, as it does at 25 knots.
  • The Evian One is capable of accommodating between 8 and 10 people on board in a “5-star” setting and standing.

View of the Evian One and its construction plans


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