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Waterkart sensations - Lake Annecy

L'Albigny, Annecy-le-Vieux, Haute-Savoie 74940, FR

Embark with Waterkart to discover the pleasures of sliding, the sensations of flight over water. Enjoy a unique experience on Lake Annecy. Water sport which can be compared to jetskiing without the safety concerns. Comfort and exceptional ease of driving. The side-by-side position of the central conductor and the tire surrounding the jet, give you incomparable stability and safety. Ideal with friends, as a couple or as a family. Come and discover the sensations of Waterkart. Accompanied by your music and your own videos. The Waterkart is designed to offer exceptional stability, allowing you to go from cruising speed to high in total comfort. Unlike the jet ski, the passengers are not seated one behind the other. There is no risk of capsizing. The pneumatic tubes located around the boat form a protective cocoon that ensures your safety and that of your passengers. This tender is suitable for all types of conditions on the water, allowing you to go on an adventure and fully enjoy the beauties of Lake Annecy. You can find us on Lake Annecy, on Albigny beach. Departures are from the various pontoons on the beach. Possibility of personalized events, stag parties, Sponsoring.


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