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The lake seen by the fisherman’s farm

The lake seen by the fisherman’s farm

Very early in the morning or even in the middle of the night, Guillaume leaves for the lake to practice his profession: fisherman on Lake Geneva.
Guillaume Mouchet has been a fisherman for 20 years now, a passion passed down by his father.
This morning, like all the others, he goes to lift the nets placed the night before aboard his boat more than 6 meters long. On board, of course the usual equipment of the fisherman, but also an unusual object for this profession: a professional camera!

I always have my camera with me, at all times.

Before becoming a professional fisherman, Guillaume also had another passion, that of photography. He studied for 2 years in Lyon and trained in film and digital techniques. Based on the premise that he now knows perfectly the art of photography, and also Lake Geneva, because of his profession as a fisherman, we have superb photos taken on the lake aboard his boat.
As Guillaume explains, when we meet the fisherman’s farm in Anthy-sur-Léman in his shop, you have to be patient and wait for the right moment. As he knows the lake and knows how to anticipate the change of weather as well as the light that goes with it, he is not a photographer who takes 10,000 photos of the same subject to keep just 1.

You have to know how to read the environment, and be there at the right time. When you know the lake, you know when the result will be pretty.

Guillaume is above all attracted to the bright lights, and Lake Geneva has no equal to fulfill his wish. And we discover through the lake and the photos taken by an enthusiast, sublime landscapes, sometimes almost supernatural, that we want to ask Guillaume when we discover his work, if the photos are not retouched then by computer.
His answer is simple, he explains that even if he wanted to, he does not have time to do it, because his job as a fisherman imposes a cadans and a frantic pace of work during the day.
And he adds that he has no reason to retouch anything because the contrasts and the brightness of the colors is taken instantly. Sometimes even he is surprised by this striking contrast of color, or by the over-the-tops that the lake delivers to him visually.
So he’s an artist who works without filters, “without nets.”

Accustomed to sailing on the lake and now knowing all its nooks and crannies, Guillaume knows where, following the passage of the lake waters and climatic events, he is sure to find an ideal landscape for his photos, sometimes at the limits of the supernatural. It’s like a fantastic world, seeing a custom-made movie set.
Guillaume has a little trouble understanding when people say, “Today I’m going to take pictures.” For him it’s nonsense, because you have to make pictures, and especially beautiful pictures, at the right time. Sometimes, as he indicates, his aircraft stays on board the boat without anything happening and he comes home empty-handed from his “photo fishing”.

Guillaume Mouchet – La ferme du pêcheur (© photo : Antoine Buche Photographie)

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