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They surfed the Wave… on Lake Geneva!

They surfed the Wave… on Lake Geneva!

It’s a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, with fake tunes from Point Break, a mythical film from the 90s, starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. The two protagonists were surfing freaks and were waiting for “the wave” that would take them.
Our two protagonists of this story are Adrien Desuzinge and Nicolas Burnet, two 30-year-old Chablaisians, who we find in a bar in the centre of Thonon Le Bains (FR).
These extreme sports enthusiasts admit that they touch everything in terms of sliding, with a predilection for the wave that they even went to look for one day in the Dranse, the River Chablais, with its strong currents, which flows into lake Geneva.

To surf you need a storm. If the lake is dismantled, that is our landmark.

The presentations made, our two companions quickly get to the heart of the matter by telling us the origins of “this delirium”.
Nico was the first to brave the wave, and it dates back to 2011, when one day on the road with his boss by the lake, he kept looking at the lake, disassembled that day, because a mega storm was falling on Lake Geneva.
Nico tells us: “All day watching the waves, I thought, tonight is my night!”
And as soon as he got home, he just had time to grab his board, call his brother who was taking pictures and it was gone.

Very quickly, Nico is overtaken by his friend Adrien, with whom they become in a way “the surfers of Lake Geneva”. When we ask them why the lake? Their answer is simple: “we always thought that the lake would be good for surfing, and that it is not a 10-hour drive like the classic spots that are Hossegor or Biarritz”.
Nico and Adrien are therefore at the origin of this movement, they are the “founding fathers” of surfing made in Geneva.
They apply basic rules, often launch themselves into the waves with water close to 7 degrees, without glove, hood, and sometimes even without a boot, as if they were leaving hastily, for fear of missing the wave.
The risk to the material is greater than for the practice in the ocean with its fine sand, because here it is about rocks and pebbles.

It starts from a delirium. Two guys dared one day to brave the winds, the storm and the cold on the lake.

On Monday, November 6, our 2 surfers found themselves again in front of their favorite “spot” in Anthy on Lake Geneva and, storm at the rendezvous, they threw themselves into the water. This time they were filmed by their friend Eric Pelletier who braved the waves to the end of the pontoon to capture all this in pictures.

When asked what they think of our WakeSharing platform, they simply tell us that the idea is superb, and that for them this project represents the future of boating and water activities on the lake

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